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Jan Peter Ozga, MPH Founder and President

Jan Peter Ozga's 40 years of experience includes creating the forerunner to the National Business Coalition on Health, the National Institute for Quality Senior Services, the Center for Pharmaceutical Care Research and Education, and the National Health Planning Information Center.


Ozga also has designed and implemented marketing plans for providers of health-related services designed for business and labor.


In addition, Ozga has produced more than 100 award-winning live and video conferences and webinars on health-related topics. written and edited several health-related publications; and is a contributing editor to several periodicals, including Employee Benefit News, for which he prepares updates on on a variety of subjecs, including patient safety, medical bidding/ competition, and population health. 


His latest EBN article is entitled:
"Five Health Care Myths -- Implications for Reform"



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